The Advantages of Air Hoists

The air hoists or the pneumatic hoists find wide application in the industrial production environments.  The hoist units are made using a rotary vain driven or a piston-driven air motor that is being powered by compressed air.  The biggest advantage that they offer users over other types of hoists such as the electric hoists or the manual hoists is that they deliver a 100% duty cycle rating during their operation.


Compared to their electric counterparts, the air hoists can operate without the need for some “rest”. The pneumatic hoists’ efficacy is, however, based on the quality of construction, the pressure and the flow rate of the air that is fed through them.  The main disadvantage of the pneumatic hoists is that they utilize a huge amount of compressed air.

This will in turn lead to the need of a burdening air compressor capable of generating the right amount of air flow that will satisfy the cubic feet per meter (CFM) requirements that is required for the optimal operation of the hoists.  If a particular hoist is operated below the rated CFM, then it will not deliver the sufficient at the optimal rated performance levels.

In order to extend the operating life of the air hoists, it is important that they are supplied with clean, lubricated and dry air on a regular basis. Filters are usually highly recommended when using the pneumatic hoists in order to ensure that these operating conditions are fulfilled.  But the hoists still offer many significant advantages to users over their closest rival, the electric hoists. Here is a review of some of the many advantages that you can derive from deploying these pneumatic-powered hoists:

  • The pneumatic hoists greatly contribute to the improvement of the working conditions and efficiency of operations.  Workers who operate these hoists experience less fatigue compared to those who work with the other types of hoists.
  • The pneumatic hoists are highly suitable in the working conditions where high speed is required.  They are particularly popular in material lifting applications.
  • No electric power is required in the operation of the hoists as they make use of an air motor. In the context of the drive to energy conservation in the recent years, these are highly desirable hoists that you can operate with fewer overheads and less carbon footprints.
  • With these kinds of hoists, you can experience the efficiency of operating without the stepless speed control.
  • The hoists have been designed with a reverse winding prevention capability.  A device is built into the hoist which can actuate at the 2m wire-rope payout.
  • They are also built with excellent breaking capabilities.  This is due to the built-in durable and secured breaking system.
  • You can find a diverse range of models that can handle every type of duty cycle including the light duty, standard duty and heavy duty pneumatic hoists.

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