The Precise Guide to Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

The value of a cell site lease depends on several factors – time, usage, investment portfolios, technology, and the terms used to draft the contract. That is why some rates are higher for some individuals while others settle on lesser rates. Cell tower lease buyouts is a consideration made by a landowner to sell the portion of land where a telecommunication company placed its tower, rather than leasing the piece of land. One has to choose whether to receive a one-time bulk commission or negotiate the site lease.

Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

Is Leasing Good or Bad?

As a property owner, getting a proposal on matters of selling your interests can be frustrating at times. As much as the offers grant you some level of rights exclusivity of say 30 or 40 years or in perpetuity, you still need rigorous consultation on making decisions of whether to sell or rent. You have to put three things in mind; is the sale deal financially good? Are the documents offered beneficial or one sided? Can the legal fees be reimbursed in case of a purchase? One has to weigh these matters before making a decision

Are You Receiving Fair Deals?

Acquisition prices largely depend on; the rent escalator, the current rent you receive, and the contract expiration period. Cell tower lease buyouts offers are lucrative for individuals with an immediate need of money. Do not let the one-time lump sum check distort your thinking. Look for a consultant to assist you in dealing with the current vitality market. Some offers are unsolicited and below the market cell tower lease rates. Do not fall to such traps by seeking an expert opinion who understands the market.

How to Get the Top Rate While Selling Your Lease

Your lease value is dependent on several factors. It may seem to be a miniature offer when in a real sense, it’s a big deal. One thing that makes sense before selling is to hire a professional lease expert to sell your lease. Cashing in your lease is tricky when you have a fraudulent dealer. Consult with genuine, reliable, and licensed professionals. The expert will help in negotiating or bidding a low ball offer making it increase substantially. Hiring a lawyer is beneficial too; they help in drafting and defining the contract so that the deal is not one-sided. You will be knowledgeable with cell tower lease extensions in the long run

What to Expect During the Acquisition of the Lease

A buyout transaction can roughly take 60 days on average. Some may take more time than this or less. Most buying firms will promise quicker turnarounds, but this depends on their due diligence. It’s, therefore, imperative to establish the specific time frame from a prospective buyer before the sale. New cell tower leases market ratios fluctuate with time and economy. Be in liaison with your broker on the current prices before making a hasty sell. You will also receive your monthly rent for around 2 months before the rent is redirected. This will stop after the transaction closes. The cell tower lease buyouts company can thereafter hold onto the lease or resell it to an open market later. Check out

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